In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Viva organized an event revolving around the theme of feminism and women’s role in the workplace. Paying tribute to the many efforts that generations of women have put into the long march towards gender equality, we asked the following questions: Is feminism still relevant today? Have we already achieved equal treatment in the workplace or are there still areas where we sometimes need to stand up for our rights? What can and should we do as women?


Our three phenomenal speakers – Shang Rong, VP Communications and Public Affairs at Microsoft, Su Cheng Harris-Simpson, Founder and CEO at SCHSAsia, and Zhu Bei, Co-Founder at Venture Education – shared their experiences and views on the topic.


Strategies our speakers recommended included leveraging our female “soft power”, supporting other women, and having men as allies. Women need to be aware of what they want and dare to ask for it. While we can only improve the system step-by-step, women should set priorities and plan their time accordingly. Different generations of women like our mothers and daughters all bring enormous value to us individuals and society. Independent from age, we should aim for continuous learning and inspire those around us.



Big thank you to our partners for this event: The British Chamber of Commerce and SCHS

Photographs by Charlotte Smith and Cristie Zhao.

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