Last month’s Viva event was such a fulfilling event – the team celebrated the month of May at Prototype, Hotel Jen hosting a 3-in-1 programme:

  • Open Call for mentees for our July 2021 to December 2021 cohort. For more information and past mentees’ feedback on our Mentorship Programme, go to
  • Panel Discussion: the panel included eminent Beijing professionals and experts in their field who are also Viva Mentors:
    • Caroline Xue, Managing Director, Kurki Fashion Beijing Co. Ltd.
    • Michaela Schneebauer, International Project Team Manager, and
    • Mike Hoffman, Managing Director at Melchers (Beijing) Ltd. and Chairman of the Board at Koehler Pharmaceutical Beijing Ltd
  • Interactive Workshop on Occupational Wellness – a tool to analyze your present skills, competencies and talents to create a vision framework and a list of goals for future career fulfillment. Like a wise bird once said – three things are necessary for freedom: to know what to believe, to know what to desire, and to know what you ought to do.

The event was attended by our past and new members, and the engagement and camaraderie was visibly felt. Thank you to our panelists, participants, Hotel Jen and the Viva team for this powerful evening. Please spare some time to leave your feedback in the comments section.

Our next event will be held at the end of June. It will again be a professional and thought-provoking event to look forward to.

See you there!

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