It was an honor and pleasure to have our three inspirational female speakers Diva (Founder, Fitness with Diva), Myra (2x World Wushu Champion, Live Action Actress, Universal Beijing Resort), and Yonina (General Manager, Krav Maga Global) share their experiences, lessons, and advice on being women working in the sports and fitness industry.

Yonina (1st from the right) shared her refreshingly real and honest experiences and life lessons, from being a self-proclaimed “couch potato” to realizing that her big dream of changing the world was great, but it starts with focusing on helping one person at a time. She really and truly cares about each person and their individual journey towards increased self-confidenceself-awareness, and strength, prioritizing sustainability and safety both in fitness and in life. Her hope is to see more real women represented in the industry, empowering others of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, because being “fit” looks wonderfully different for each person, and should be celebrated as such.

Myra (2nd from right) brought us on her exciting fitness journey that started when she was only 6 years old! Her Wushu coach was like a second father to her, training her for 15 years, through all the ups and downs, world championships, and life changes. She learned the power of teamwork and community, as well as self-disciplinehard work, and grit. Myra shared how when it comes to athletics as a career, you need to prioritize what’s important to you – if you’re (not critically) injured but have a championship in 3 days, you suck it up and deal with the injury after. But if you know you’re at or past your limit, you need to stand up for yourself, or potentially risk lifelong, debilitating pain. Along her journey, she learned how to really listen to her body and put herself first – because only you truly know your needs and what’s best for you, so you must fight for yourself. This lesson was further ingrained in her at a major turning point in her life when her time in Wushu – and having her goals and routines established by her coach – came to an end, where she had to grow into her new role as a solo, independent, and self-sufficient woman.

From Diva (2nd from left) we learned how important coming back to your core value is – hers is women empowerment, and it drives her to keep going when life throws challenges her way. Her positive attitude had led her to see the silver lining in difficult situations, for example: many find the thought of going to a physical gym intimidating, so switching to online workouts during COVID led to her being able to reach and impact more women by encouraging them from the comfort of their own homes. Her passion for dance lit her internal fire when she started her professional career at 16, and the feeling of helping women all around the world feel happier and more confident in themselves keeps it going.

We ended our panel discussion with a fun and useful lesson in proper squatting from Diva! Next time you’re in the Hutongs and need the restroom, think of Viva 😉

Thank you all for joining us for this inspiring event.

See you at our next event in March on Women in Art & Design!

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