Event | Viva March Medley – Women’s Role In The Workplace

Did you know? In ancient Greece, women were not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. In fact, they were not even allowed to watch.

Did you also know? According to statistics from various business publications, only 29% of senior management in the US is female. Female CEOs are more likely to be fired than male CEOs. Research shows a significant pay gap between male and female individual salaries. Ironically, 77.9% of women work in Human Resources and Payroll Management.

We have come a long way from 6th century B.C. Greece to female CEOs in board rooms in 2021. Still, according to World Economic Forum, some of us will not see gender parity in our lifetime.

At Viva’s March Medley this year, we are celebrating 103 years of International Women’s Day by collaborating with BritCham to invite three phenomenal women – Su Cheng Harris-Simpson, Founder and CEO, SCHSAsia, Shang Rong, Communications and Public Affairs Vice President, Microsoft, and Zhu Bei, Co-Founder, Venture Education – to shed light on the issues facing women and the world today. What does it mean to be a woman at work? What values do we uphold and how do those translate into workplace culture? Are all women asking unanimously for fair treatment and dignity at work or are there some being left behind? What are our choices when our biology – the years women are physically and mentally ready to bear children and raise families – are also the years when we should climb the corporate ladder? Must men join this fight?

Come and join our event for fun, fulfillment and finding your brand of feminism. After all, feminism is not a fad word – women’s rights are human rights.

Our Speakers

Su Cheng Harris-Simpson

Founder and CEO, SCHSAsia

Su Cheng is a master project management and client relations specialist with over 25 years of professional experience in China. She is the Founder of an impact-driven consultancy focused on women empowerment, as well as the President of the Women’s Advisory Council (WAC), an engaged and impactful network of leaders and decision-makers that aims to advance gender equality through women empowerment in businesses in China. The WAC develops innovative initiatives and projects, including the Women Empowerment Awards in China, Girls in STEMM, and the Gender Pay Project.

Su Cheng has also served on the board of AmCham and is Co-chair of the AmCham Women Professionals Committee.

Shang Rong

VP Communications and Public Affairs

Microsoft Asia Pacific Research and Development Group

A veteran of Corporate Communications and Marketing for over 20 years, Shang Rong brings a wealth of knowledge with a unique combination of journalistic, agency and in-house experience. At Microsoft, she is responsible for the company’s overall communications strategy and efforts in the APAC region as well as government affairs for ARD and MSRA. Prior to Microsoft, Shang Rong was the head of Corporate Communications of Cisco in China. She was also one of the first public relations managers of Cisco in the region.

Zhu Bei


Venture Education

Zhubei is a parent coach, promoter of mental health awareness in education, and entrepreneur. She cofounded Venture Education, a consultancy that supports UK-China education partnerships and development, while helping Chinese students to develop global competence through Venture Saturday International School and Venture High School Mentoring Program. Alongside her business partner, Zhubei has built a team of over 40 passionate educators and researchers from around the world, and 80% of the management team are female. She is the Co-chair of EGRC Beijing Committee, and a member of the Women’s Impact Network.

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Event Details

DATE: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

TIME: 12:00-14:00

12:00-12:30 Registration & Networking

12:30-13:00 Speech

13:00-14:00 Lunch

VENUE: Hotel Eclat – 2nd Floor, Hotel Eclat Beijing, No. 9 Dong Da Qiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

COST: Members 280 RMB, Non Members 350 RMB (3-course lunch and coffee/tea)

Big thank you to our partners for this event:

The British Chamber of Commerce and SCHS   

By the way, as a historic example of women’s resilience in the face of adversity – in ancient Greece, since women were excluded from the Olympian party, they started their own – The Heraean Games!