Beijing Mentor Walks

In 2015 Viva joined the Mentor Walks program in association with Capital M, AmCham, AusCham and BritCham. The Program has been running for a few years, bringing together established women leaders and emerging women leaders in our community to connect, learn, mentor and share resources.

The aim of the Beijing Mentoring walk’s group’s is to:

  • Provide women professionals with the support and guidance they need to fulfil their goals.
  • Instill the values of mentoring in rising leaders, who can give back to future generations.
  • Provide an environment for collaboration andnetworking among emerging and established women leaders in Beijing.

How we do it:

Women mentors and their mentees break up into small groups and walk together, discussing their personal and professional challenges, life choices, successes, failures, and tips to achieving the most in one’s life. Mentoring Walks increase the impact of women in our communities and provide opportunities to highlight achievements, as well as to encourage leadership and excellence.


Globally it has been found that mentoring is a particularly effective support system for meeting challenges that women face in common or that affect women in particular. Mentoring is proven to be one of the most important steps to a successful career; it opens doors to new networks, collaboration and opportunities. It is also clear that women who are mentored themselves are more likely to become mentors themselves.

Mentor Walks take place monthly, on Friday mornings 8 – 9 am. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get the updates on the date and place of the Walk.

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