2014 Mentors

 Bridget Rooth Bridget RoothProfile: CEO of English TrackersAs well as running her Beijing-based translation WFOE since 2008, Bridget has built an online English editing business. She is happy to help anyone thinking of setting up and running a company here in China. She has had to put herself through a Search Engine Optimisation boot camp in order to build her blog and brand online and is happy to help an entrepreneur looking to launch an online business.

Skills to share: setting up a company in China, building a brand on a budget, using networks to leverage a brand and building a client base.


 Cecilia Fan Cecilia FanProfile: Publisher of China Higher Education News / Managing Consultant at the Beijing Consulting Group.Specialized in China higher education and general business advisory.“I have worked in a range of industries, including in TV production, Australian Government Departments and briefly in training. My last 15 years are in business consulting, I have been a columnist for 7 years for a business magazine focus on business culture. My most recent shift is to focus on providing advisory in China’s growing higher education sector.

Skills to share: Management experience; Cultural differences; Entrepreneur experience; Career change

 Alicia Noel Alicia Noel   Profile: Dynamic professional with a range of international experience and knowledge in higher education, professional training, corporate communications, financial management, organic agriculture and food safety, and economic and industrial development. “I have a broad range of international experience in higher education and corporate training, economic development, investor relations, corporate communications, organic agriculture and advising executives on working across cultures and preparing to work in other countries.”
Alicia’s specialties are organic agriculture in China, corporate communications, intercultural communication, investor relations, corporate training, social innovation, social entrepreneurship.

Skills to share: Communication, planning, whatever is needed

 Loretta Mayers Loretta MyersProfile: Credit Analyst, Technip, Houston, Strategy management; Business and Market  & Credit Analysis, HR Management: focus on Change Managemen, MBAI have a varied professional background having had to reinvent myself and my career several times to due to my spouse’s international transfers. My professional background is therefore varied and includes working with Oil & Gas, MNC’s, NGO’s and Government Organizations.  I have has a strong sense of multiculturalism and a keen appreciation of diversity having lived in several international locations (China, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific & the Subcontinent). While in China I worked as the HR Manager for Australian Embassy (Development Corporation) AUSAID.

Skills to share: adjusting to a new location; career change and career management; professional development.Currently lives in the U.A.E., available via skype calls

 Maaike Harmsen Maaike HarmsenProfile: I am currently running a Company in CSR training in Asia, after having worked as a Manager for a CSR institute here in China. I have been working in The Netherlands and Indonesia as a trainer and as communication Advisor for Shell in the Netherlands.

Skills to share: Start up of Hongkong Business, Management skills, Communications skills, Teaching skills, Consultancy skills, CSR Advice Networking, Work Life Balance.

 Bianca Teti Bianca Teti Profile: Senior Consultant at Ericsson.Self driven, creative and goal oriented. I started teaching at the University Social Studies and Working in the Music Video Industry. I worked as Producer and Event planner for 5 years in the Media industry, before I joined Ericsson for a talented Program that allowed me to travel around the world and experiment different roles in the Company. Currently working in Beijing, I am interested in music, art, personal development and social studies.

Skills to share: The ability to go beyond your comfort zone, to push for the best in you and others, always. Goal setting and execution. Networking

  Kelly BrantnerProfile: Founder at Triticum Group
Kelly is the former Executive Director of Asian Operations for Rutgers Business School and she has over 20 years of work experience in the education/training sector.  Her career started in Vancouver, BC, where she worked for MICA International, one of Canada’s largest private consulting firms.  Her work experience has focused around market expansion, operations and business development.

Skills to share: How to build your network and tap into their expertise, the transition from a large corporation to an entrepreneur, working with multiple stakeholders, marketing and business development and making a career transition to a new industry

 Natalia Harm Natalia HarmProfile: Linguist, communication and marketing specialist.I have lived and worked in 4 different countries, every time using the opportunity to reinvent myself and look for new prospects in my professional development. Currently I am working for a relocation company as and expat guide writer and adviser. I am an enthusiast of a healthy life style and holistic approach in life-long personal development.

Skills to share: intercultural communication, managing your career on the move, creating healthy habits.

 Cindy Jensen Cindy JensenProfile:“I am the founder of BOLDMOVES, boutique consulting firm offering services throughout Asia in the area of Talent Management with an emphasis on Leadership Training, Change Management and Executive Coaching. I love being a mentor. I was fortunate to start my own career with a great Mentor as a role model. She really influenced the direction of my career. Over the years mentoring others has been an important part of my life.”

Skills to share:

Career growth in particular when taking over or expanding a leadership role, strategic thinking, effectively managing across a stakeholder network [managing up and across an organization], cross cultural impact in particular when dealing with multiple cultures, loving your work while living a balanced life style.

Birgitta SöderströmProfile: Freelance HR Consultant/Trainer/Coach

Specialties: Personal and career development.
Birgitta is an enthusiastic trainer and coach with a passion for people and people development.  She has worked with executives and teams from international companies in China for 5 years. Her areas of expertise include behaviour & communication, emotional intelligence and much more.


Skills to share: communication, emotional intelligence, professional development

Emily Emily RoblinProfile: Managing Director at LEAP Training and Consulting Services

Specialties: Em founded a company focused on women’s professional development in Asia, and runs programs with top global companies on effective communication, developing executive presence and influence, and building effective global teams, among others. For the Viva community, she is a great resource on intercultural working environments, founding a company and building a brand in China, understanding the training & consulting industry in Asia, and how to build a strong network. Em has been in China since 2006.

Skills to share: communication, professional development