Welcome to the Viva Mentorship Programme!

The Mentorship Programme is open to all members and is another great reason to become a Viva member today.  To find out more about membership, please email specialprojects@vivabeijing.org.

At Viva we believe that there is no greater way to learn than from experience, which is why we launched our mentorship programme few years ago. Every year some Viva members volunteer their time to be mentors.

[Applications are currently closed.]

After the application period closes, the Viva Committee will read all of the applications and pair mentors and mentees. As soon as we have finished the ‘match-making’, the mentors and mentees meet for the first of their three sessions.

About the Programme

The Mentee’s Commitment

First and foremost, the Mentorship Programme is open only to Viva members in good standing. Please make sure your membership is paid in full before you apply to the programme.

  • Be respectful of the Mentor’s time. Be punctual and end meetings on time.
  • Prepare well for each meeting. Ensure you have met all of your commitments that were outlined in the previous meeting.

Driver of Relationship

  • Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals that you want to achieve and communicate them to your Mentor
  • Bring up new topics that are important to you and mutually determine how they should be addressed

Development Planner

  • Maintain a Mentoring plan and work with your Mentor to set up goals, developmental activities, and time frames

Continuous Learner

  • Work with your Mentor to seek opportunities for learning


  • Look for opportunities to give back to your Mentor; share any information that you think might be valuable to her

The Mentor’s Commitment

As a mentor, you primary role is to provide guidance and support to the mentee based on her unique developmental needs.

  • The mentoring program comprises of, but not limited to 3 face-to-face sessions. Each Mentor/Mentee cycle lasts for 3 months.
  • As a mentor you can have one or two mentees at any given time, depending on your availability.
  • At different points in the relationship, you as a Mentor will take on some or all of the following roles:


  • Give advice and guidance, share ideas, and provide feedback
  • Share information on “unwritten rules for success” within environment/organization

Source of Encouragement/Support

  • Act as sounding board for ideas/concerns about school/career choices; provide insights into how to pursue opportunities
  • Provide support on personal issues if appropriate

Resource Person

  • Provide feedback/guidance to help mentee enhance personal development and career growth

Devil’s Advocate

  • When appropriate, play devil’s advocate to help mentee think through important decisions and strategies

How do I apply for a Mentor?

Once you define your goal or area for improvement you would like to work on with a Mentor, check the Mentors’ list to choose your mentor and fill in a Mentee Application Form. Please submit your application form by [X] via email to specialprojects@vivabeijing.org. We will get in touch with you within 10 business days to confirm your mentor.

  • The Mentee will select their top 3 choices of mentors on the application form.
  • Mentor contact details will not be listed on the website.
  • Mentors and Mentees will sign an NDA. This is to ensure confidentiality between the Mentor and Mentee.

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