Viva is relaunching its Mentoring Programme with even more value-add for its mentees.

The Viva Mentorship Programme is a one-of-its-kind programme run in Beijing, aiming to connect bright and ambitious women in junior or mid-level positions in organisations with senior-level mentors to provide an objective, confidential and psychologically safe platform to support mentees’ professional and personal growth. We have stellar mentors from diverse backgrounds and exemplary career paths who have pledged to dedicate quality time to their mentee’s development. This year, we are looking forward to enhancing our profile and welcome highly qualified, high-level mentors from Chinese backgrounds. In addition, we are also looking forward to supporting cross-gender and reverse mentorship. If you want to give back to society and believe that a healthy community lies in educating and supporting women, we welcome you as our mentor.

The Programme

The mentorship programme is run for 6 months twice a year and the mentors are required to meet online or in person with their mentee at least 3 times in the 6 months. The process is entirely mentee-led which means the contact has to be maintained by the mentee. We encourage mentees to be specific about how they want to flourish in the next one year and ask intentional questions to their mentors. Once a mentor and mentee has been paired by Viva, we hold no interference in the relationship. At the end of the programme, we collect feedbacks and feedforwards from both the parties aimed at their personal growth.  

2020-2021 Mentorship Programme Highlights

This year we have graduated to hosting two groups of mentees:

  1. Advanced mentees at a mid-management level looking to pair with C-Suite executives
  2. Basic mentees in entry or junior-level positions

Further Support to Mentees

Viva supports ongoing online support to the mentees through webinars where the mentees are strongly encouraged to bring workplace dilemmas to be discussed and multiple solutions suggested by the mentee group. The mentees are also directed towards professional literature, such as Harvard Business Review and other books, podcasts, and documentaries for their growth.

Support to Mentors

We provide online guidance to mentors through mentorship education based on evidence-based literature as well as sharing best practices in the field. Due to the mentors’ highly valuable time, they are encouraged but not required to read the literature provided.

For further details, please contact and browse the following pages on our website: 

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2020-2021 Mentor Profiles 

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